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But, there is one thing which you could try, electronic cigarettes. Have you ever heard of them? The truth is that electronic cigarettes have been sold in the UK for some time now and they are quite an effective solution for a person who is trying to quit smoking. These cigarettes run on a battery and look just like a normal cigarette. With an e cigarette, smokers can recreate the smoking experience and since it contains nicotine, they can satisfy their cravings as well. There is a chamber in the cigarette where nicotine is turned into vapour which adds to the smoking experience as well. The biggest advantage here though is that this vapour contains no harmful chemicals or toxins and this means that the surrounding people will not be exposed to second hand smoke. What better way of experiencing a cigarette without any of the dangers?

With electronic cigarettes, you will have to use nicotine cartridges whenever you want to have a smoke. These cartridges can very easily be interchanged and they are even available in various different strengths. This means that people will be able to slowly reduce the amount of nicotine which they are smoking by simply switching cartridges. E-cigarette is a lot cheaper than regular cigarettes as well. This means that you will not only be able to quit smoking but will even start saving money in the process. .





Lastly, remember though that nicotine can be very addictive. You can't use e-cigarettes as a permanent alternative for smoking. They should only be used to help you quit smoking..

Using E Cigarettes

to Stop Smoking

When you speak of someone who is trying to quit smoking, the biggest question that they usually have is, how do they get themselves to stop smoking? If you ask me, more than half the people who smoke, have considered quitting at least once in their life. This usually is because of all the serious health problems that are caused by smoking. The main reason people are addicted to cigarettes is because of the nicotine found in them. As far as quitting is concerned, the most common solutions include lozenges, patches, gum, etc. All of these aids help a lot in satisfying the craving for nicotine, but there is one thing which they cannot help with, i.e., getting rid of the desire for the overall experience. Many smokers just love the feeling of lifting a cigarette to their mouth and inhaling & exhaling smoke. This is where smoking is considered similar to something like having coffee or eating a good meal. This experience, when combined with the additive nature of nicotine is what makes cigarette smoking so difficult a habit to break.

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